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A WiP ORM for Raku

Red ORM documentation

Welcome to Red ORM documentation.


If you are looking for tutorials, you can visit:

API documentation

If you are looking for pure API docs, here you go:


More examples can be found at the project Wiki page.

For developers

How to contribute to documentation

I want to document something

To document an entity of Red itself (class, operator, routine etc), do it as Pod6 in the source file. For example, before:

sub prefix:<Σ>( *@number-list ) is export {
    [+] @number-list


#| A prefix operator that sums numbers
#| It accepts an arbitrary length list of numbers and returns their sum
#| Example: say Σ (13, 16, 1); # 30
sub prefix:<Σ>( *@number-list ) is export {
    [+] @number-list

Then execute perl6 tools/make-docs.p6 to generate documentation pages with your symbols included.

If you want to add a tutorial, write it as Markdown and add to docs directory of this repository.

I want to change existing documentation

Depending on what it is, the documentation might be generated or not.

All pull requests are welcome!